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Adding Sliding Windows to your existing Screen Room makes cleaning a breeze

Acrylic Room          Adding Acrylic sliding patio windows to your existing screen enclosure make cleaning your room a breeze. Keeping rain, dirt and dust out of your screen enclosure is much easier when you have the ability to close all the windows when your not using your room for ventilation. In most cases we can add a few extrusions to install new Acrylic sliding patio windows. However if your room is framed with 2x construction sometimes it is easier to re-frame the wall members before adding the new windows.

Adding an Aluminum 1 3/4″ Single Hung Door to replace your existing screen door makes a room which can be locked up to protect your valuable furnishing and provide security for your family. We can also insulate the roof and kick plate making your room more comfortable and usable most of the year without the use of heating or air conditioning.

Jack Hall Jr’s offers Acrylic sliders, Glass panels (Insulated or Tempered) depending on if you would like to make your room habitable living area and plan on the use of air conditioning or non- habitable and prefer to add windows and a door just to keep out the elements.

Adding a support beam in the roof is easy for those who would like to add decorative lighting or a ceiling fan to their enclosure. Floor covering will make your enclosed screen room fit your needs better with Paver’s , Tile, Wood, Concrete or Carpet. Jack Hall Jr’s Construction Aluminum will engineer and permit your new enclosure to meet high wind requirements of the area of Florida where you live. Free Inspection and Estimates always call 1-800-741-0068.