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Chimney Leaks can be incentive to Improve the exterior of your home

IMG_4197Having a chimney for many reasons can give you headaches and be costly and cause leaks inside which can produce black mold. After many years of special coatings, re-flashing, sealing and rebuilding the chimney cap. The solution I found was to completely rebuild the cricket and install new metal flashing with the use of ice and water shield. First, Remove the bands and re-stucco those area’s. Then we apply tar paper and metal lathe, scratch coat and beautiful Stone.

IMG_4401Now this Chimney is ready for a Chimney cap and a good sealer. These stone accents are perfect for entry’s and Corners and Pillars and Posts. If you have a concrete block home or wood frame we can install these beautiful accents and help beautify and increase your property value!