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Energy Efficient Window Insulated Glass Options

Screen Rooms FL


Choosing the right glass option for your windows and doors is an important decision … Two panes of glass with Soft coat Low-E protection and insulating argon gas.

Buying new vinyl energy efficient replacement windows can be confusing as many important decisions must be made for this important investment. Many manufactures talk about welded frames, unique sills, interlock meeting rails, special glass, exotic gases between the insulated glass.

The manufacturer to dealer relationship,  and the ability to provide warranty service is by far the most important detail. Seal Failure is common problem with most all replacements and occurs when the area between the insulated glass is compromised and the gas leaks out leaving visible moisture. This normally becomes a problem 6-8 years after your install and becomes challenging to get warranty replacement and find a dealer to help with the labor to change the glass package.

After 35 years in the market your best question to ask potential contractors is how long is the written warranty on the window and how long is the warranty on seal failure and who will I deal with if I need warranty work?  The written warranty rarely is challenged so it becomes of the most importance to have a contractor of whom has been established in that market for over 36  years and free of unresolved complaints. At Jack Hall Jr’s Construction Aluminum we help our manufacturers supply labor well past implied written warranties.

I have seen many homeowner’s replace the windows in their homes 2-3 times before finding a window that preforms satisfactory. Chain stores almost never have staff installing your windows, they sub this out to outside contractors of whom normally hire another sub contractors to do the actual installation.  Choose a professional of which has control of service and warranty.

Jack Hall Jrs Construction and Aluminum will provide and Install your windows and help our manufacturer provide service well after the warranty period. Our windows are manufactured in the United States for the design wind pressures we experience here in Florida. Call with Questions and we always offer Free Estimates

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