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Energy Saving Insulated Replacement Windows


A0389This vivid example demonstrates the effectiveness of well-insulated windows against condensation and air infiltration problems. The condensation visible on the inside of your home can display relative humidity.

Vinyl is a common material for replacement windows. Vinyl windows are made from rigid, impact-resistant  (PVC), with hollow chambers inside which provide strength and trapped air insulation insulating the frame with Lifetime Warranty.

Seal Failure is common problem with most all replacements and occurs when the area between the insulated glass is compromised and the gas leaks out leaving visible moisture. This normally becomes a problem 6-8 years after your install and becomes challenging to get warranty replacement and find a dealer to help with the labor to change the glass package.

If you choose double hung or dual sliding units we can easily replace a sash if you encounter seal failure. Our King line of replacement windows are warrantied by the manufacturer but carried out by Jack Hall Jr’s. If you choose singlehung or picture windows you can incur expense glazing the warranty glass back in the fixed panels.

Jack Hall Jrs Construction and Aluminum will provide and Install your windows and help our manufacturer provide service well after the warranty period. Service after the sale makes Jack Hall Jr’s your best choice.

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