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Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and Fascia


Jack Hall Jr’s has 28 years experience installing soffit & fascia, it’s important to understand the different sections of the roof, from your soffit, fascia, gutters, flashing and shingles. … Roofing fascia board is another common area that can be damaged from the tropical rain we get here in Florida.and may need to be repaired.

Many roof’s were installed in Florida with the roofer installing the drip edge over the felt paper. This condition has caused countless damage to the roof edge and normally requires replacing the shingles prematurely. Always be sure your roofing contractor installs the drip metal under the felt!

many animals have been known to chew or peck through a perfectly sound eave, but they’re especially attracted to a water-damaged fascia or soffit, Professional installation and having fixed this common problem on many Florida homes makes Jack Hall Jr’s your best choice.

The reward is occasional pressure cleaning to eliminate the cost of frequent painting and wood replacement and an increase in property value.

Jack Hall Jrs Construction and Aluminum uses only premium solid vinyl products from the best manufactures. If you live in a block or brick home we offer premium soffit and fascia systems and rain gutters and spouting to protect the roof edge from deterioration.

We offer free evaluation and estimates.  A+ BBB Accredited, State of Florida certified residential contractor

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