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How to Insulate and eliminate leaks on your aluminum pan roof on your screen room!

CypressGardensEliteRoof2       Over the last 40 years in Florida homeowners have installed aluminum riser pan roof systems on their screen rooms, carports and walkway covers . In the 1970’s and 1980’s we started using 1 3/4 inch risers and building officials and contractors quickly discouraged use of this roof as it rarely could carry enough water to keep a room dry. Late in the 1980’s until now we have encouraged and engineered 3 inch riser pan roofs for use with these aluminum structures. We offer aluminum pan covers and Styrofoam insulation for these 3 inch roof systems which can improve the insulation properties and sometimes help these roofs with leak problems move the water out of panel and on top of the roof. But these problems often re-occur and are normally a result of insufficient slope. These pan roofs require a minimum slope of 1/2 inch per foot. Building code requires minimum 7 foot height often is a disadvantage for these aluminum panel roofs.

We recommend use of the 3 inch laminated roof system as seen in the photo. This roof can be installed with as little as 1/4 inch per foot and allows carefully walking on top of the roof system for cleaning and maintenance. It also offers the ability to be shingled to match the existing shingle roof on your home. These roof systems require re-sealing every 8-10 years but offers a more permanent solution for you screen room,carport or patio cover needs.