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Importance of Gutters and Spouting for your Home’s health!

Vinyl Siding Florida

Structural Patio Roofing        Rain Gutters are a small but critical component of your homes roofing system and a long term investment in protecting the eaves, walls and foundation of your home. Useful life of your gutters is about  20-30 years or longer provided they are properly maintained. You can prolong the life of your gutter and spouting by keeping the gutter and spouting free of debris with good maintenance schedule.

A good maintenance schedule keeping good flow by removing leaves, pine needles, nuts will keep squirrels, rodents and other animals from making nests in your water carrying system.

Poor maintenance can cause gutters to be clogged and may force water to back up and run behind the fascia causing long term wood rot and roof leaks. Gutter can be a solution to water problems or it can be the cause of problems if gutter and spouts contain debris.

Jack Hall Jr’s recommends installing a leaf guard which is normally a metal mesh allowing water to pass but stops other types of debris. Gutter guard is a good way to insure your gutters keep your roof edge healthy. Protecting your fascia and roof edge will protect you most valuable investment.