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Why obtaining a building permit is important on your home remodeling project!

slider-image-01       There are many advantages in not trying to avoid the cost of a building permit when you decide to improve your home. I have heard many excuses why people would rather avoid paying their city or county for a building permit when taking on a new project on the house. Often times it is coached by the person or company of whom is preforming the work. If your approached by a person of whom convinces you it is in your best interest to avoid paying for a building permit. Send them home and research more in your important decision. In most cases these people posing as licensed contractors have no license, workers comp insurance or liability which would protect you if their work does not perform or someone is seriously injured during your home remodeling project.

Obtaining a permit insures you are hiring a competent professional whom will be supervised, inspected and perform all the work in a satisfactory manner. Building departments require contractors to obtain workers comp, liability insurance, and have a record of satisfactory business practices. It insures the person you hire pay all the workers, hourly or subcontractors as well as all the materials are paid for. This protects homeowners from liens and encumbrances that arise when contractors do not pay their bills. All the materials and labor on your home are the homeowners responsibility and often come back later to be collected by the companies of whom furnished these products or services.

Building permits make sure the materials and installation practices meet current code. These important inspections should not be avoided. They make sure you as the homeowner are getting what you paid for and can reduce the possibility of having to hire a different contractor to make the project complete. Save money by hiring a licensed professional whom acquires the permissions and permits the first time and avoid the uneasy experience of paying to have the same job done a second time.