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Clean guttering and downspouts before our rainy season starts!

Gutters         Gutter and spouting will clog with debris even when they are not directly located under a tree. Your patio roof as well as the the shingle portion of the main roof will suffer water damage, leaks and will attract ants and insects which can also do damage to your home. Schedule having all gutter and downspouts clean and free of debris before the June, July and August rains. This method will help avoid the damage caused when your spouts will not allow the water to escape timely.

Improperly installed and clogged gutter and spouting can actually do more harm than good as this condition will force water under roof and in areas not designed to carry water. This will cause roof leaks, contaminated wood which invite unwanted insects to do their damage. If you are located in an area with many trees then this should be repeated 2-3 times a year.