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Insulated Windows are only as good as the product warranty covering seal failure!

0601_3D_2X          Seal Failure is very common in Insulated glass packages. Replace your windows 2 or 3 times can reduce all of your energy savings if you have to replace your new windows before they have had time to realize you a savings. I have seen many manufactures here in the Southeastern U.S. have the glass package fail in only 6-8 years.

Choose a manufacturer whom clearly covers this delicate component for its usable life. Look very closely because some manufacturers have conditions by which they will not cover the sealed unit!. Choosing a background checked local contractor can also be an advantage because many provide out of warranty labor to replace failed components at no cost to the homeowner. Jack Hall Jr’s has provided this service to our customers and continues to furnish this valuable courtesy. Manufactures provide this service occasionally but only for the first couple years of the warranty.

It is important in your planning to eliminate plans to include anything in between the glass as this can effect both failure rate and warranty conditions, such as grids, mutton’s or decorative items between the glass. Also it is not recommended to use dark window film as this can build heat in the glass area.

Choosing your window carefully as well as your installing contractor will make your investment a pleasant process which will pay for itself in as few as 8 years. We have a premium vinyl replacement window with glass breakage and Lifetime Seal warranty with 10 years to a new owner in the event you sell your home.