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Replacing your roof will require making Important improvements to protect your home in Florida wind events

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CO-3         Certain renovation projects are a requirement of Florida Building Code to replace the existing roof on your home. Your home’s roof, wall-to-roof connection, and openings (windows and doors) are key areas that can be significantly strengthened against windstorms. This will include sections on roof decking attachment and fastener requirements, secondary water barriers, roof-to-wall connections, opening protection, and gable end wall bracing.

A) When a roof is replaced anywhere in the state of Florida, roof deck attachments and fasteners must be strengthened or corrected to meet new specifications.

B)When a roof is replaced on a building located in a wind-borne debris region of the state and the insured or taxation value is $300,000 or more, then roof-to-wall connections must be enhanced as specified in Section 201.3, at an increased cost of up to 15% of the cost of the re-roofing project.

(C) A secondary water barrier shall be provided as required by Section 201.2.

Your homes roof can be as strong as, or even stronger than before sheathing is taped and meets current wind requirements, but if the roof isn’t adequately attached to the body of the house, it can still be blown off. Hip roofs stand up to wind better than gable roofs.

For houses with both hip and gable roof ends, the priority shall be to retrofit the gable end roof-to-wall connections unless the width of the hip end is more than 1.5 times greater than the width of the gable end. Priority shall be given to connecting the corners of roofs to walls below where the spans of the roofing members are greatest.

Opening Protection Requirements

Your homes openings, especially windows and glass doors, are particularly susceptible to damage from high winds and wind- borne debris. Jack Hall Jr’s is a MySafeFloridaHome approved contractor and can help you with these important enhancements to keep your home and family better protected and  lower your homeowners insurance premiums.