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What you should look for when comparing windows and doors

A0389         When your shopping Windows and Doors quality counts. You will want to look for products that are tested and certified for strength and energy savings. Understanding and comparing this information will help you select a stronger, more durable and more energy efficient window or door. Jack Hall Jr believes making this important decision may save having to replace your windows a second time.

Look For The Performance Label

This label shows important performance information about a window or door, including energy efficiency and strength ratings, so you can easily compare products.


Energy Star qualified windows and Doors help save energy and money, and help increase the comfort of your home.

Compare U-Factor

The lower the U-factor, the better the window keeps heat in your home during the winter season. This means lower utility bills.

Compare Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

The lower the Solar Heat gain Coefficient, the less heat from the sun is allowed into your home in the summer season. This means lower cooling costs.

Compare Performance Grade Ratings

The higher the Performance Grade Rating, the stronger and more resilient the window will be to the rain, wind events such as tropical storms, tornado’s and hurricanes.

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