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Jack Hall Jr's Screen Rooms

Screen Room Repair and Custom Screen Rooms Lakeland, FL (Polk County)


Adding a screen room enclosure built by Jack Hall Jr will add value to your Polk County home and help you live the Florida lifestyle at its finest, minus all the leaves, debris and insects. While at the same time adding value to your home.

Premium quality Phifer fiberglass screen fabrics are available in many sizes. 18 x 14 and 20 x 20 fiber mesh screen as well as Pet Screen, Sun Screen and Solar Screen. We can provide privacy in many styles and build your screen rooms so you may install windows in later.

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Screen Rooms with Aluminum 3 inch Roof’s or our Insulated Panel roof with optional hidden fan beam. Or you may want a screen roof system so you may look through the roof with our Super gutter system. We build our custom screen rooms in Lakekand, FL to fit your home’s specifications.

With over 25 years of experience in screen enclosures, we can offer custom built patios that can be easily fitted for Acrylic, Glass or Soft Vinyl patio windows. We permit, engineer and help our customers though the variance process if their site seems too close to a property line .

Jack Hall Jr’s Construction Aluminum’s Screen room special discount has benefited many Florida homeowners who would not normally afford a screen room. It is our way of giving back for 25 years being Florida’s leader. My family has served Florida homeowners for over 40 years with an A+ reputation.

We are dedicated to building rooms to meet or exceed our Florida Building code and wind requirements.

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