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Attn Homeowners, Inspect your Roof and Enclosures for Hail Damage


Vinyl Siding Lakeland, FL


While we are in the middle of Summer,  Intense thunderstorms cause considerable damage due to high winds, hail and excessive rain amounts.

If you can visibly see hail accumulating, There is a good chance you have sustained mild to moderate damage. Hail easily penetrates pool screens once the fabric is exposed to elements for 5-6 years. That same dime to quarter size hail has also removed roof granules and decreased the life expectancy of your roof. Have your home inspected by a licensed contractor after these intense weather events.

Here in Florida it also can save you and your neighbors by trimming all your trees on your property so branches have less chance of becoming flying projectiles. Seems expensive to spend so much trimming trees until one lands on your home or patio.

Unusually heavy rain is one of our greatest threats during Hurricane season. Most important role of the homeowner in these wet times is to make sure Patio, Carport, Roof and Gutters and downspouts are completely free of any debris that will certainly create a leak that can easily lead to wet damaged wood. If you have an area prone to flooding make plans to install french drains if elevation permits.