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Get your home storm season ready ahead of the 2015 Hurricane season!

001        Homeowners need to start preparing their homes for June’s 2015 start of the hurricane season. It is easy to find a generator now, prior to our first weather event. Stock up on extra non-perishable food and plenty of candles, batteries and bottled water. Pick up a battery operated radio for important warnings and notifications. These become necessities when summertime weather here in Florida can change with little or no notice.

Prepare the exterior of your home by cleaning gutters clogged with leaves and debris which will back up and cause roof leaks and wood damage. Consider any area subject to flooding and install gutter to redirect the water or install a french drain relieving the trouble associated with flooding rains.

Hurricane shutters are a good investment and start with fixed panels, accordion, Bahama, roll-up, colonial and will reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance. Keeping all window and door openings intact in high wind conditions will help keep the roof of your home from being compromised. Our company will provide a free inspection and help homeowners become better prepared and avoid damage.