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Prepare your home for climate change, reduce insurance costs and improve value!

Vinyl Siding Florida

A0389       With climate change changing the way we live every day there are many things homeowners can do to improve our homes storm worthiness, energy footprint and its chances for surviving extreme heat,water, high wind and unstable foundation conditions.

It is cost effective to replace those out of date windows and doors with affordable high tech energy star compliant windows and doors as the market has made it possible to make your home much safer in a high wind event for less money than we could 10 years ago.

Keep your roof new and up to date as current building codes are designed to provide more sustainability in high wind, eave leaks, and our extremely wet Florida hurricane season. Gutters and Spouts can reduce erosion and groundwater issues.

Install efficient Air conditioning,Insulate attics with R-30 and install radiant barrier between rafters for high performance energy savings.

Invest in high efficiency appliances, washer and dryer, range and efficient water heaters. Saving soap and water and energy is a priority. Add Value to your home and keep safe!