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Storm shutters will reduce damage to your home in hurricane winds

StormShuttersIn less than 3 months we enter into another hurricane season 2015. We have been spared any significant weather events here in Florida since the busy hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005. We have learned that keeping the windows and doors from being compromised in these wind events will have a lesser chance that the roof of the home being removed.

Most Homeowners Insurance policies will reward homeowners with a sizable discount for installing these items. If you live in   coastal regions we can install Impact glass insulated replacement windows which will act as a shutter keeping flying debris outside of your home. In many cases new windows can also provide valuable energy savings with Insulated and low E coatings also keeping the heat outside and keeping energy costs lower.

Shutters are available Roll-up, Colonial, Fixed panel, Accordion, Fabric, Bahama, and can be designed to add to your homes decor. Get better deals on these shutters before season arrives in June or after the storm season ends in October. Shutters should cover all windows and door openings and don’t forget to upgrade the garage overhead door with a reinforced door.