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Energy Star Replacement Windows in your Sunroom will reduce your homes energy footprint!

002 (3)        Enclosing your existing sunroom can reduce your energy footprint with Energy Star vinyl replacement windows with the low E coating for Florida weather. Building a room with our best replacement has changed the trend when homeowners are looking for ways to keep there sunroom a full view while enjoying the benefits of lowering their homes energy footprint. Windows and doors represent 50% of the heat and cooling loss in most homes.

Equally important is installing heavy prime doors with approval codes to meet or exceed our heavy wind requirements. Replacing old vinyl or metal windows can also save you on energy costs reducing your energy requirements. Many utility company’s are offering consumers incentives to replace old style windows. As homeowners insurance is at an all time high many insurance company’s offer premium reduction for new replacement windows.

Many enclosures we convert have built 20-30 years ago are now being converted to new wind code requirements and energy efficiency while retaining a full view. Older enclosures require bringing current electric wiring and receptacles up to current code . We are building sunroom’s with insulated structural panel roofing and option to shingle it to match the home. These insulated panels are a good insulation for your roof.