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Having R-30 Insulation in your attic will pay for itself in energy savings

Insulation            With winter rapidly approaching Florida homeowners should inspect attic crawlspaces for adequate insulation. Over time your existing insulation settles significantly sometimes lower than 4 inches. Learn where to insulate in a home to save money and improve comfort. Adding insulation to your home will likely have an attractive payback.

Ask the right questions

While all homes are different and need to be evaluated based on their own unique characteristics, most dwellings can benefit from similar types of improvements. Before your energy audit begins, be sure to ask your home energy upgrade contractor about the following things. Some of the upgrades you could do yourself, like replacing a refrigerator or installing a programmable thermostat, provided you know those are significant sources of energy loss.

Attic and Wall Insulation

The greater the difference between the indoor and the outdoor temperatures, the more energy it will take to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Adding insulation between the indoors and the outdoors reduces that energy demand. Depending on where you live, the savings from insulating your walls and the attic could be almost double the savings of air sealing. This procedure also pays back in 3 1/2 to 12 years.

In the end, your home is as unique as you are. It will take a certified home energy professional to evaluate your home and your family’s specific needs. It will also take a certified specialist to make those upgrades to your home. It’s not rocket science, but it is building science. Ask for certified home energy professionals because they have the ability to educate you on all of the cost-saving alternatives for your home. Then, you can begin living comfortably.

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