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How to reduce leaks and maintain your Aluminum Patio Roof!

CypressGardensEliteRoof2Rule # 1  Never use Tar products to seal this type of roof as it rarely fixes a problem and it must be thoroughly cleaned before it can be properly repaired.

Rule # 2  It must be kept clean and free of limbs or leaves. Because leaves and debris stop the water from flowing normally through the gutter and downspouts.

I recommend making a deal with your lawn guy to keep it clean. If you have trees nearby or overhead.You are at potential for leaks. If homeowners keep them clean this roof is the perfect patio roof system.

Structural Panel roof systems can be damaged from excessive handling and should use caution walking on the panels . Best to use 2 or 3 sheets of plywood to protect the top aluminum skin.

We recommend cleaning the top thoroughly and chemical clean all the connections so the are free of oil or any other contaminant. Then apply a liquid sealant, fiber mesh, and sealed again over the mesh. Here in the Florida area a reseal will last about 6-8 years. If kept clean and gutter and spouts work you can get much longer.