Conventional Aluminum Pan Roof or Structural Insulated Patio Roof?

structural-patio-roofing-03    Building a patio is an important improvement and installing the right roof system is one of the most important decisions. Choosing a  insulated structural roof offers many advantages over 3 inch aluminum riser roof’s. You have the luxury to decide to enclose the screen or patio window enclosure with insulated windows.This will also in many cases allow the homeowner to add air conditioning for year round use.

Conventional pan roof systems can be noisy and hard to keep clean. Walking on these roofs can damage them and not keeping them clean leads to leaks and clogged gutters which enable the riser pan roof to fill with water and often leak at the seams.

Structural Insulated panel roofs allow the homeowner to get on top of the roof to clean the gutter and spouts and remove debris as this system will support weight. You can also clear roof granules , leaves and other roof debris easily. Insulated panel roofs make It  easy to add beams and wiring inside the panels out of view for fans and lighting.


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