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Going green saves energy, your money, and our planet!

Vinyl Siding Polk County Homes

UM cleaning       Going Green has never been more rewarding to our economy and our planet. By adding energy efficient windows and doors with Soft coat Low E Energy Star compliant products. Keeping the weather out improves your homes energy footprint. This saves energy and saves you $$$ Dollars $$$ and makes you home and family more comfortable.

Weather strip all your doors, especially the one to the garage as this will improve indoor air quality of your home. Plant new trees a safe distance from your homes foundation to help block heat on your south and west exposures.

Check your duct work and make sure all seams are sealed with mastic as opposed to duct tape which can lose its ability to hold joints air tight. This will also make your home more quiet.

Use native grass and landscaping which may require less water and improving your homes water sprinkler system to the new efficient sprinklers. These changes improve the value of your property. They make you and your family more comfortable. But most important it reduces your homes energy consumption which accounts for about 80% of energy use in the United States. Learn more and receive free energy evaluation from Jack Hall Jr’s Construction here in Florida.