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Preparing your home for Extreme Weather can reduce damage and exposure

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      Here in Florida we are subject to tropical storms and hurricanes as the Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1 and ends November 30. As storm duration and intensity have shown increases across the United States we as homeowners have many options to drastically reduce our exposure with important upgrades and modifications. 1) Wind born debris effects can be reduced by installing storm shutters on all window and door openings which reduces the chances of compromising the opening increasing the chances of keeping the roof on your home. In most cases keeping all openings protected is much safer and saves you money on expensive Florida Homeowners Insurance.


2) Installing Energy Star Impact replacement windows and doors will also protect your most vulnerable area of your home which will also make you eligible for large discounts from most all insurance carriers as well as many local and state governments of whom are offering grants and incentives.

3) Gable bracing, Roof to wall connection improvements can easily be added to older homes not having the benefits of the tougher new building codes. Adding 4th wall supports to existing screen enclosures, sun rooms, sheds, carports can reduce the chance of the added structure helping the high wind remove your primary roof as witnessed in previous tropical storms and hurricanes.