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Homeowner preparations are important for a fast appoaching Hurricane season!

Accordion ShuttersBeing prepared for storms can minimize the damage to your family,home and property. There are many things we can do as homeowners prior to hurricane season.

1- Check your roof for leaks and be sure to clean your gutters and downspouts. Gutters clogged with leaves and debris can do more damage due to heavy rain associated with our rainy season. Walk around the house and observe any drainage problems. Many times we can install french drains to divert water from a potential or problem low area.

2- Make sure your window and doors are storm ready. It is best to install current windows and doors in your home as this helps keep the roof on your home in a high wind event. Our company installs a solid vinyl replacement window which is also Energy star compliant if you desire to save money on energy. We can install storm panels for your existing windows and doors you can remove and open, often decorative like our colonial and Bahama shutters. Window and Door openings protected save your family and valuable investment.

3- Cut tree’s back that are close to the roof and walls of your home. I keep a Generator running and am especially vigilant just prior to June 1st! Plenty of bottle water in supply, radio for alerts can be helpful during power outages. Batteries, Flashlights, Food and Drinks. Having survived and rebuild many homes in the Florida Hurricanes has our team dedicated to getting everyone prepared.These important improvements can also reduce your insurance rates and qualify you for more discounts. Many local Utilities offer rebates. We offer free home evaluation for those who would like some help getting prepared.