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Insulate your patio with a new structural panel roof for comfort and savings

010 (2)      Upgrading your sunroom or screen enclosure roof system adds value, economy, and comfort to rooms used in all types of weather conditions.

The new structural panel roofs allow homeowners to walk on the surface for cleaning, debris removal and keeping gutters and spouts free of leaves, pine needles, roof granules which will cause your patio roof to back up and cause leaks.

This more permanent roof system can also be shingled if sufficient slope is available to comply with strict homeowners rules disallowing aluminum roof systems and often times make the room much quieter. Professional flashing and roof tie in and is highly recommended to keep water traveling above your roof structure keeping your patio sunroom dry and clean. If you have or decide to install patio glass or wind breaks your room will also increase your energy savings for a room that can be enjoyed year round.