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Impact-Resistant Doors & Windows at Jack Hall Jr’s


Jack Hall Jr’s Construction impact-resistant glass is designed to help maintain your home’s structural integrity. When strong winds enter a home through broken windows the chances of losing the roof in high wind events increases.

Upgrading your windows and doors to meet the new building code will not only save you money on expensive energy and homeowners insurance, It can insure your roof stays on the home in the event of a Hurricane or Tornado. Lets face it warming is effecting the way we live and as homeowners we need to be smarter and better prepared.

Check with your Homeowners Insurance Agent and find out the discount associated with bringing your windows and doors up to new building code. Many electric utilities here in Florida offer incentives for homeowners to use the energy star compliant replacement windows.

When a window or door is compromised in a high wind storm, It leaves your roof in a vulnerable condition in that area of losing some roof area. Thus increasing the amount of damage which will cost you and your insurance company a bundle.

Considering the savings on power, insurance, and insurance claims, installing new windows and doors pay for themselves in a few years depending how bad your existing windows perform. Also you get to benefit from a safer, quieter more energy efficient home.

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