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Thermal Barrier | Insulated Windows and Doors | Florida


Thermal Barrier Replacement windows


   Thermal Barrier windows have lower air leakage and much better resistance to heat transfer than single-paned windows. Thermal Barrier window performance is important to your homes energy footprint. When condensation shows up inside a thermal pane double window (between the two pieces of glass), you know that the seals have failed in the thermal barrier.

thermal barrier Insulated Windows come standard with double-pane insulated Lo E, Argon glass featuring two panes of double-strength glass filled with argon.

Improving energy efficiency with new replacement windows and doors can reduce the cost of your already expensive electric costs but it also protects your home in high wind conditions like Hurricanes and Tornado’s and will lower your homeowners insurance costs.

Having the openings of your home or office updated will help keep the roof on your property in a high wind event. Insurance companies recognize less risk when homeowners have high wind efficient windows, doors and overhead doors.

Jack Hall Jr’s Construction and Aluminum Inc. is a MySafeFloridaHome approved contractor and has been serving Florida over 27 years.

Equally important is installing heavy prime doors with approval codes to meet or exceed our heavy wind requirements. Replacing old vinyl or metal windows can also save you on energy costs reducing your energy requirements.

Many utility company’s are offering consumers incentives to replace old style windows. As homeowners insurance is at an all time high many insurance company’s offer premium reduction for new replacement windows.

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