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Vinyl and Hardie Siding are the best value for re-siding

Vinyl Siding Florida

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Trust  Jack Hall Jr’s with all of your siding projects. We offer wide selections of sidings, including: vinyl siding, Hardie board siding, cedar siding, aluminum. Family owned with A+ BBB, 28 years serving Florida.

Shop a variety of quality Vinyl Siding & Accessories and Vinyl Siding & Accessories that are available for purchase with professional Installers . We offer stone accents which can bring your siding project to a new level. Our company provides free in home inspection and estimates with 28 years serving Florida, Background checked, A+ BBB. We use premium solid vinyl siding products with Lifetime warranty so you can stop painting and enjoy the fresh painted finish. We can furnish and Install entry doors,vinyl replacement windows to reduce your home’s energy bills.

Vinyl Siding is one of the only non-absorptive cladding options. Absorptive cladding’s, including fiber cement, brick and wood,can hold moisture, create stops that can accumulate moisture and create the potential for penetration. In a humid environment like Florida this may lead to rot, mold and poor indoor air quality.

Compared to other exterior siding, vinyl siding uses modest amounts of energy to manufacture. Vinyl siding also requires less water and energy to manufacture per square foot compared to fiber cement. Because Vinyl siding is much lighter than fiber cement.

Vinyl siding, unlike other types of exterior cladding, provides exceptional rain screening performance. It effectively enables moisture to drain out of an exterior wall, dramatically reducing water accumulation that can lead to rot and mold.

Jack Hall Jr is background checked has been selling and installing vinyl siding in Florida’s moisture rich environment for over 35 years and has an A+ reputation for quality and use of premium installation and materials.  We also do not use up short pieces (scrap) to save on the amount of vinyl siding used on your project. We use a full panel whenever possible eliminating seams that can make siding look less than perfect.

Leading green building certification programs award points for the performance that vinyl siding delivers. In fact, vinyl siding has the potential to earn more points than other exterior cladding options. Vinyl is “FINAL”!

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