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3 ways to install replacement windows in your home or patio.

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Acrylic RoomHow to Install Vinyl Replacement Windows in your home or patio. Here is a quick and easy methods for installing windows in your home or Patio.

1.Soft Vinyl or Acrylic can keep out most of the weather and the panels are removable for cleaning and as recommended in high wind.

2. Tempered Glass sliding windbreaks are a perfect patio window and are also removable for cleaning and high wind events. This type of glass window is not insulated.

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3.Vinyl Replacement windows are more energy efficient and can be finished with drywall and is recommended when the room will be habitable with Heating and cooling needed.

002 (3)Your decision should be based on energy needs and how you will use this added living area. Most all of these types require outlets and a light outside the door. It is also important to make sure to meet fire egress which will depend on the location of bedrooms and area of windows in the room your attaching to. We also provide quality workmanship and obtain proper association approval and Building permit

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