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Finding quality replacement windows

Find quality replacement windows at Jack Hall Jr’s Construction Aluminum. Looking for windows for your new house or replacement windows for your existing home we come to your home and provide information, samples and a free estimate.

Removing those old aluminum single hung windows and replacing them with the new Energy star 2016 solid vinyl replacement windows make your family more comfortable, save valuable energy and help keep the roof on your home under Florida’s high wind conditions. Soft coat Low E glass is perfect addition to keep the heat outside and keep you and your family cool and comfortable.

50% of the heat loss in your Florida Home goes right out the windows and doors. Installing energy efficient solid vinyl replacements with soft coat Low E glass reducing the heating and damage caused by Florida sun. Improving your energy footprint will also increase your property value making your home more desirable to new owners.

In many homes the cost of the new windows over an 8 to 10 year period will pay for the cost to install these windows in your home. Many Florida energy providers have programs that provide rebates and assistance for those who bring their windows and doors up to date. Insurance providers also offer discounts to those who replace their windows and doors as this reduces the chances of losing your roof in a high wind condition.

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