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How to replace screen material easily.


Screen fabric comes in rolls and is available in various types at Jack Hall Jr’s Construction and Aluminum Inc. Follow these easy instructions to replace the material in a damaged window screen.

  1. Lay the frame down with the channel side up on a flat table or a piece of plywood
  2. Using scissors or a utility knife, cut the screening 2 inches larger and wider than the frame so that the screen material overlaps the channel by inch on all sides, any less makes it difficult to hold.
  3. Roll the spline into the frame with the screen tool.
  4. When all four sides are completed, trim the excess screening with a utility knife by using the top of the spline as a cutting guide and the outside of the spline channel as the cutting surface.

    If you find you need help replacing the screen we would be happy to replace them for you in our shop with premium screen. 28 years serving Florida, A+ BBB and a full service Home Improvement contractor. We replace screen in enclosure’s and pool enclosure screening. We are also happy to come to your home and provide a free estimate.

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