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Sunrooms, acrylic window, patio rooms, patio enclosures

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 Each patio room, conservatory and sunroom design comes in a variety of sizes, roof and frame finishes, door choices and glass packages.

Our Tempered Wind Break patio window is perfect for the homeowner whom is happy with their existing screen enclosure framing and uprights and has no desire to remove them and start over. These tempered wind break windows are removable, and make them not held to the same building requirements as habitable living area. No special electric requirements or shear wall.

Building Codes in Florida have gotten much tougher since 2002 but often we are able to Install Acrylic and Glass Windows in your screen room if the uprights and spacing meet current code. This makes your room more energy efficient, secure, and can convert this area to the square footage of your home which is a good investment. We can also replace that old aluminum riser pan roof with a new insulated structural panel roof and can install shingles to match your home also. Specialists in Glass and Acrylic  enclosed Sunrooms for 40 years in Florida. Jack Hall Jr’s Construction and Aluminum. Call for a Free Estimate

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