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  Welcome to Jack Hall Jr’s – Sunrooms, Screen rooms, Patio Enclosures, Patio Covers, and Window Installation serving Florida for 28 years. Jack Hall Jr’s is a premier fully licensed and insured interior & exterior home remodeling state certified contractor located in Florida.  Having Acrylic or Glass windows installed in your existing screen enclosure can help keep dirt and dust off your family and your furnishings. If air conditioning is part of your plan for your new Sunroom, it would be best to install our Glass Windows of which would make your room more energy efficient. Glass rooms are considered habitable living area and require compliance with fire and egress codes and require electric outlets. However if you would like to keep most of the weather and dirt out and avoid compliance to these building codes we can install Acrylic removable windows. These windows are beautiful and keep most of the weather off your sunroom. We can also replace your old roof with a new insulated structural panel roof. If your patio enclosure is subject to direct sunlight then tinted glass is recommended.

Our family have been trusted by Florida Homeowners for over 40 years. We also provide Free estimates and inspections.

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