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Tempered or Acrylic Wind Break Patio Windows

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Removable acrylic windows can be attached either outside or inside to the existing openings of your screen room. From clear acrylic removable panels to converting your screen porch into a 4 season enclosure.

Jack Hall Jr’s Tempered Wind Break patio window is perfect for the homeowner whom is happy with their existing screen enclosure framing and uprights and has no desire to remove them and start over. These tempered wind break windows are removable, and make them not held to the same building requirements as habitable living area. No special electric requirements or shear wall. This saves you money!

Our structural panel insulated roof will help keep your room insulated and allow you to walk on the roof to keep off debris and keep those gutters and spouts clean and free of debris.

However, If you need a room completely watertight and a room you can install heat and air, I would recommend a vinyl framed insulated sunroom enclosure with Low E technology with insulated roof, walls, and glass package.

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